Tasty Japanese food: Romen

I lived in Nagano for a month in the town of Inashi and while I was there I was lucky to learn about the famous dish in my town.  It’s called “Ro-men”  and it is a form of yakisoba (Japanese friend noodles) but although it looks a lot like yakisoba in appearance, it’s taste is very different.

The texture of the noodles are more softer than yakisoba and are longer in length.  The sauce used was less sweet and had a more lighter taste compared to yakisoba.  There was also more lettuce in the romen and the meat was placed on top rather than mixed in with the noodles, which allows you to enjoy the taste of the noodles more.Romen

Possibly you can also get it served with mutton, but I believe mine was beef.

Unlike yakisoba which is usually served separate, Roman was served in a set with some delicious soup, some vegetables and tofu,  salad, a bowl of rice and…. pig skin.  At first the staff told me  that  it was “hormone”, which is usually pig intestines, which  I don’t mind eating.  But when the plate came and I realized it was pig skin, I wont lie, I was a bit shocked.  But I decided to think of it as the same as chicken skin and ate it all.  It went really well with the rice and Roman though!  It was a fairly strong taste and greesy taste, but when balanced with the blandness of the rice and the slightly sweet taste of the Roman it actually was fairly delicious.  The Japanese really know how to balance the senses when making a meal!